Trauma Informed Practice for Managers and Leaders

“Trauma informed practice is often focused on direct client work, but is actually most effective when implemented at all levels of the organisation. Because without intending to do so, the entire system can in fact become trauma-organised. This 2 day training workshop is designed to address the unique challenges faced by  managers and leaders who work in organisations that support vulnerable or traumatised people by taking an in-depth look at the best processes and practices for creating a whole-organisational environment primed to support the therapeutic task.”

This training will be provided by the Lighthouse Institute in early April 2018.

Day 1 will be open to all SHS services, and day 2 to the managers of these services (please note that those attending day 2, will also need to attend day 1 unless by arrangement with Shelter Tas).

Please contact Shelter Tas for more information, and details on this page will be updated closer to the date.