Emergency Boarding for Pets


RSPCA have a ‘Safe Beds’ program for emergency boarding of pets. Cost is a nominal fee per day – whatever the client can afford to pay. They will take any small companion animal and there is no specific time frame for length of stay.  They would prefer vaccinated pets and can do vaccinations if required. Referrals should preferably come from the accommodation provider, where it can be confirmed that emergency boarding is required.  There are shelters in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

P: 6244 3033

P: 6332 8282

P: 6427 2566


Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania

Only available at the Hobart premises.  They can provide boarding for $5 a night, maximum of two weeks.  Vaccinated dogs are preferred (10 day incubation period).

P: 6243 5177